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Artist Interview

Andrea Waller

October 12, 2012

Women come into Ode all the time with amazing hair cuts, and every time we compliment their do's they say they just came from Salon 241. We thought it would be fitting to have them here for our Tricks and Treats Arts Night Out, so come check out Andrea and Katie from 6pm-8pm here at Ode.

Andrea Waller and Katie Clifford

Tell us a little about yourself and Salon 241

Andrea Waller and Katie Clifford own Salon 241, a Redken Elite Salon, located at 241 Main Street. Andrea is best known for her artistic style and flair as well as for her beautiful up styles. Katie specializes is short, funky cuts. Recently, Salon 241 was named a Salon of Distinction in the annual Salons of the Year contest by Salon Today magazine. Have a look at www.salontoday.com to see the write up.

Andrea Waller

What inspires you?
We are inspired by the clients who put themselves in our hands and trust us to create a style that is uniquely theirs. We feel lucky to have a business that puts smiles on the faces of the women and men who visit us.

Katie Clifford

If you were an article of clothing what would it be and why?
Andrea would be a pair of Black Frye boots: comfortable but edgy Katie would be a belt with a big shiny buckle: something that's fun, but reliable and supportive.

Andrea and Katie will be at Ode on Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm to demonstrate up styling techniques.