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Crane Ornaments

December 15, 2011

Crane Ornaments

This holiday season we started offering gift wrapping at ode. We wanted to do something a little special, so we've been tying a paper crane ornament onto each gift we wrap. Here's how to make these ornaments yourself:

You'll need origami paper, scotch tape and ribbon.

Crane Ornaments

Fold a piece of origami paper in half diagonally, then cut a small slit (about 1/ 4 of an inch) in the middle.

Crane Ornaments

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8 inches long, cutting the ends diagonally.

Crane Ornaments

Fold the ribbon in half and thread both ends through the slit in the center of the paper.

Crane Ornaments

Tape the ends flat to the other side of the paper.

Crane Ornaments

Once you've taped the ribbon, just follow these instructions:

Crane Ornaments

Stylists/Craftswomen Jenessa & Liz


Women Who Inspire Us: Maria Burke

December 10, 2011

Spark. Some women just have it. After five minutes with Maria Burke, founder of WillPower Foundation, you know she's got it. Everything about her is fire--her energy, spirit, heart (not to mention that hair!). And she's found a way to share it with all of Western Mass. We think you should meet her:

Maria and her son, Will

Maria and her son, Will

How Did WillPower get started?
Our son William (Will) was born with a rare brain malformation that challenges him with physical efforts.  We found that not all equipment or assistance is covered under insurance which totally surprised us!  We held a fundraiser so that we could get an accessible van for Will’s power wheelchair and a dear cousin, Matthew Donohue, suggested we start a foundation to help Will in the future – and other families like ours.  So we did just that…and now the WillPower Foundation exists to lend financial assistance to families and individuals with little to none of the bureaucracy normally associated with this process.

Since its inception in 2008, the WillPower Foundation has granted over $55,000 to more than 60 families in Western Massachusetts to help them meet the varied needs of their family members.

What is your role with the organization?
As a founder with several others, I work to share information about the Foundation with any- and every-one, help with the application review process and participate actively in fundraising and as a member of the Board of Directors.

Can you tell us one of your favorite stories about how WillPower has helped someone?

My favorite stories are the ones where we helped one family and now that family is out helping others…whether it be the child who needed an evaluation to confirm his  diagnosis and now his Mom is very active in her local Special Education Parent Advisory Committee and helping other Moms and Dads in so many ways (she is SUCH a great resources for people in her community!) or the Mom who learned a multi-sensory teaching program so that she could teach her son to read (he is!) and now she’s teaching the program to another family so their daughter will read too.

What are some of the organization's goals for the future?
The WillPower Foundation is at a critical juncture right now – we want to grow exponentially so that we can help all who ask for assistance.  The number of applications is astonishing and right now, we fund as much and as many as we can.

What's the best way for people to get involved?

Spread the word, participate in fundraisers, and donate money!

Some upcoming events

Sunday, December 11th
Third Annual Your Friends Are My Friends Brunch
Eastside Grill, Northampton, MA
$35 per person

Call 413-244-3262 or go to www.willpowerfoundation.org for more details.

WillPower Night – Springfield Armor
Saturday, January 14th
MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA

For more details, please go to www.willpowerfoundation.org

Behind the Scenes

Electric Blue at Ode

December 6, 2011

Electric Blue at Ode

Kate Driscoll, Ode's resident angel (and intern), electrified our window with royal hues and baby blues. Dreamy...

Electric Blue at Ode
Electric Blue at Ode
Electric Blue at Ode
Electric Blue at Ode
Electric Blue at Ode

Featured Look

What’s on Your Wishlist?

November 30, 2011

With the holidays swiftly approaching, we can't help but have our eyes on a few things in the store.  Here are some of our personal favorites for holiday gift ideas.

Jenessa's picks

A versatile print scarf, a wide brim hat, a sheer maxi skirt and classic black leather Frye boots.

This print scarf is my favorite because of its geometric, Southwestern inspired print. The color-way lends itself to be worn with both warm and cool colors. The long, sheer maxi skirt is great for a girl who likes to layer up. It would be fun to wear with printed tights, or with opaque colored tights paired with knee-high socks. You can dress it up with heels and a pretty top, or down with a pair of boots and a sweater. To keep warm, a fuzzy wide brimmed hat. And a classic pair of black Frye boots that look even better as they age would be amazing to unwrap.

Liz's picks

A crossbody satchel bag, geometric turquoise and carnelian necklace, cognac leather gloves, and a cashmere print scarf.

I love this satchel, with its combination of black suede, charcoal wool, and brown leather details. The turquoise and carnelian stones in this double crescent statement necklace are great colors, and the shape is unique and elegant. The cognac leather gloves are a luxurious and practical winter staple that would make anyone happy. And it's hard not to covet a cashmere scarf. It's amazingly soft and they come in lots of fun prints and colors.

Artist Interview

Home Body

November 26, 2011

For Arts Night Out this December, we're very excited to feature Home Body: the dreamy electronic duo, Haley Morgan and Eric Hnatow. These two creative spirits are among our favorite Northampton locals. They are sure to warm your heart with their genuine, positive energy and rich, playful sounds.

Home Body will perform live at Ode on Friday, December 9th from 6-8 pm.

Photo credit: Niko Para

How did Home Body get started?
The band sprouted out of us doing other cool things with each other, and wanting to explore what else we could do with our powers combined. We both make things (Haley makes accessories, visual art, videos & produces public art projects, and Eric makes sculptures, masks, installations & other music) and figured it'd be fun to make more things together, since we like each other so much. Plus, Eric was getting sick of his own music and playing by himself, and Haley had been itching to get onstage and perform again.

Once we started playing music together it took a while for us to find The Magic. We wrote several series of songs that we ended up dropping, but kept work-shopping our sound and our aesthetic. Eventually we ended up just booking a show (for New Years, 2011) and forced ourselves to play.

What are some of your influences?
Musically, we are influenced by the sounds our friends make, The Knife, Kate Bush, Numero Group Soul Compilations, Kraftwerk, The Eurythmics, Talking Heads, Brian Eno & related projects, Melanie, Tune-Yards, Shira E., the B 52's, Harry Nilsson…

We also like thinking about sonic vibrations in a bigger sense, in relation to energy, light, pattern, and movement.

What are your plans for the future?
We are going to make music videos, record a full-length album, and tour as much as possible. We intend to live the dream.

What is your dream project?
Home Body

What's your favorite line from a movie, song, or book? 
"Gotta, gotta get up to get down" - Coolio

If you were a piece of clothing what would be and what color/pattern?
Eric would be a black v-neck shirt, and Haley would be something big, old, soft, and gold.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?
"A path is formed by laying one stone at a time" – Agent Dale Cooper

Where do you find inspiration?
We find inspiration in so much—the human experience is so grand and magical!

We love bodies- how they look, how they can be dressed, how they can move, how they function, etc. Therefore we find a lot of inspiration from dance, fashion, and anatomy.

We also love the concept of home. What is home, and how do you know when you're there? What can a home look like? How does one make a home, and what does 'home' mean in the greater contexts of today's society, economy, and state of the environment? Can a group of people feel like home? Can money buy 'home'? Can a body be a home? We could go on and on! We love learning about ancient history, architecture, and astronomy.

We also find endless inspiration from our community, the art others make, as well as from light (natural and unnatural, literally and figuratively), rituals (of all types, cultures, and scales!), and materials (especially plastic).

This is a photograph of fireworks, a comet, and lightening all happening at once off the coast of Australia in 2007. What a show, huh?! We love this photo for the many forms of light present at one moment, and how special and electrifying that moment must have felt! (Photo credit: Antti Kemppainen)