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January 2012


Women Who Inspire Us: Bridgette Fortier

January 23, 2012

Women Who Inspire Us: Bridgette Fortier

Bridgette has lent her charm and beauty to Ode in several of our photo shoots, and you may recognize her from our billboard or holiday commercial. We love Bridgette's poise, her sharp mind, and her generous heart, which she has shared with communities all over the world.  Because we believe in Bridgette and all she does, Ode raised money to help fund her next adventure in Kenya, where she will continue to make her mark and help those around her.

Truly an inspiring woman destined for great things, here's a little glimpse into some of what makes Bridgette Fortier one of our favorites.

How did you get started volunteering?
I got started in volunteerism, and community service after high school when I joined the Americorps NCCC program. I completed 850 hours of need based community service in Colorado, Texas and Alabama. Although I didn’t feel this program was a perfect fit for me, it inspired me to continue servicing others. This summer I did an interchange program in the Dominican Republic working as a doula in the maternity ward of a public hospital. This was the most eye opening experience of my life and encouraged me to do more international women’s health work. This spring I will be studying health and community development in Kenya. I hope to continue my service with mothers and babies; I have a great deal of passion for this work.

What would you suggest to others interested in doing volunteer work?
I would say that it is really important to be happy in what you are doing. Although you will come across very challenging realities, and have difficult experiences, it is crucial that you stay positive. Most importantly, believe in yourself, anything is possible! If I listened to all of my self doubts over the years I would not be doing the things I am now. I continually surprise myself with what I am capable of, and how much I continue to grow as a person.

Where do you find inspiration?
There is so much in the world that is inspiring! I find inspiration in people, and women in particular. I think women have incredible amounts of strength, intelligence and passion. I also find inspiration through music, fashion, nature and art!

What are your plans for the future?
To travel, have fun, work hard and be happy! More specifically I hope to apply to nurse midwifery school and practice internationally for a period of time before returning home to service my own community. Having a family is also really important to me, so we will see where that fits in!

What's your favorite line from a movie, song, or book?
“There is no greater gift to the world and to others than being true to your deepest self. So many times, out of fear of loneliness or other negative emotions, we form relationships that are good enough, but untrue to our uniqueness. Doing so risks flattening ourselves.”- William Powers , Twelve by Twelve

If you were a piece of clothing, what would be and what color/pattern?
I would be a floor length dress with a brilliant and intricate pattern.

What's your go-to "happy" song?
Probably anything Ray LaMontagne.

What super power would you like to have, and why?
Tough call, I might have to choose flying, there is a lot of freedom in flying.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?
Honestly this happens quite often, usually in a state of exhaustion-perhaps over a delicious meal.

You can keep up with Bridgette and her travels on her newly launched blog, Through Inspiration.

Behind the Scenes

Electric Cocktail Party Masks

January 20, 2012

Electric Cocktail Party Masks

Every month at Arts Night Out, the Electric Cocktail Party provides the catering for Ode. We love their creative fare and attention to detail, so when they asked us to be a part of their launch party, we wanted to do something exciting.

We'll be displaying several outfits from the store, on mannequins adorned with masks we made. Here are a few of the masks we have been working on.

Saturday, January 21 at Northampton Center For the Arts


We hope to see you there!

Electric Cocktail Party Masks
Electric Cocktail Party Masks
Electric Cocktail Party Masks
Electric Cocktail Party Masks
Electric Cocktail Party Masks

Window Design

Essentials for Fort Dwellers

January 13, 2012

Essentials for Fort Dwellers

Fort ode

If you're like me, you may catch yourself daydreaming about all the totally awesome pillow forts you used to make when the weather was as cold and grey as it is today. Our January window is inspired by the indoor kid in all of us that just wants to hunker down, cuddle up, and hibernate... in a super cute, home-made fortress of coziness.

Essential fort furnishings include, but are not limited to: blankets, lots of pillows, a flash light, board games, your favorite books, and a stash of your favorite snacks.

Essentials for Fort Dwellers

Recommended fort reading: Dr. Seuss

Essentials for Fort Dwellers


Artist Interview

Julie Anne Collier

January 12, 2012

We're very excited to welcome back Julie Anne Collier and her birds of prey for their second Arts Night Out presentation at Ode. Julie and her partner, Jim Parks, started Wingmasters to rehabilitate injured birds of prey. They also travel throughout New England giving educational presentations using live birds. Everything about Julie Anne is an art-form: her drawings, her presentation, her elocution, her passion. And of course...her birds.

Julie and her Birds will be in the store on Friday, January 13th from 6-8pm. For the month of January, 5% of profits will go to Wingmasters.

What have you been up to since your last visit to Ode?
I’ve been working on a book. I used to work for Merriam Webster as a dictionary editor, so I have a strong background in lexicography. I’m working on a school dictionary with bird of prey terms and my drawings. I’m collaborating with my partner, Jim Parks, and I’m enjoying the work.

Do you have a story you'd like to shar

Featured Look

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails

January 3, 2012

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails

Nails by Erin Rachel

One of my favorite beauty trends is the glitter tipped manicure. I learned recently that it is quite simple to do yourself. This is coming from a girl who can't sit still during a manicure, goes through at least three magazines getting a pedicure, and considers leaving the salon without smudging the paint a victory. I do manage to have the patience to do my own nails, every now and again. So, I put in a movie and tried doing the glitter tips and loved the results. Here is how to get a sparkly manicure:

  1. Start with your base coat in any color of your fancy.
  2. Apply a second coat.
  3. Apply glitter to the tips of your nails. I sprinkled fine loose glitter to the tips of my nails and it adhered. 
  4. Allow to air dry for a couple of minutes and apply a clear coat to seal the manicure.

What's fun about this is that you can play with different polish and glitter combinations. The entire manicure took about 30 minutes and lasted for over a week. I did find that any polish that says "fast drying" on it doesn't work as well. Have fun!

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails

Nails by Jenny C

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails

This manicure looks like the glitter was applied with a small flat brush to keep the glitter on a clean, straight line.

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails

Confetti nails! You can add larger pieces of confetti glitter to your nails by dipping a wooden cuticle stick into clear nail polish, using the wet end to pick up the glitter and then adhering it to the top.

Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails
Gold Dust Woman: Glitter Tipped Nails