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October 2012

Artist Interview

Laura Acerra

October 12, 2012

Laura Acerra is a free spirit. She is our go to girl for beautiful bohemian hairstyles. Laura helped create the hairstyles for our "On the Road" fashion show in September. She's a natural at what she does and we look forward to featuring her again in our "Tricks and Treats" Arts Night Out, where she will demonstrate different ways of using braids to style hair.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a stylist and Wella Master Colorist at Visual Changes in East Longmeadow Ma. I have been here about 8 years specializing  in coloring, hair extensions, cutting, and styling.

What is something that inspires you and why?
Of all the pictures that inspire me, I kept coming back to this one. There is something so pure and beautiful about this woman. While some pictures inspired me to change and create, this picture inspires me to stop and just embrace the naturalness of it. Smile more, worry less, and enjoy simplicity.

If you were an item of clothing what would it be and why?
If I were a piece of clothing I would be a scarf. A wide, long, soft flowing, textured scarf. I would want to be covered in earth tones or a nature pattern. I can be worn a million different ways all year long.

Can you share with us a step by step how to of what you will be demonstrating on Arts Night Out?

Easy Braid Updo How To:

  • Start with hair down. any texture is fine, even hair from the day before or leftover curls
  • Tease hair a little at the crown for height ad to avoid a flat spot
  • At the nape of the neck seperate hair in to three sections (middle and sides)
  • Braid each section. ANY kind of braid feel free to make it messy and textured or clean and simple.

 Here's where you can switch it up:

  • Roll each braid in a bun and pin, creating a low textured looking updo, or,
  • at the end of each braid hold on to where you secured the braid with one hand and a tiny section from the tail with the other hand. While holding that section of the tail push up the hand holding the rubber band. This action starts to push the braid up almost squishing it giving it movement. Once you do this to all three braids pin any way you like creating a low extra textured updo! (this method is best on hair slightly longer than shoulder length.)

Catch up with Laura at Arts Night Out Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm!

Artist Interview

My Nguyen

October 12, 2012

My Nguyen works to support her community while having style and grace down to her fingertips. Every time she stops into the store her nails capture our attention. From the color combos to the designs, My's nails art is always awe inspiring. For our next Arts Night Out, Tricks and Treats we couldn't think of anyone more fitting to come in and demonstrate simple yet unique ways to revitalize the manicure. Read on to find out what inspires My and get a step by step tutorial on one of the techniques she will be using.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I work as a consultant for local nonprofits in Western Mass, but I love doing nail art on the side. When I'm not at work, I'm probably watching a TV show or movie while doing my nails! While I do it mostly just for fun, you can contact me if you're interested in a custom manicure or for a manicure party.

If you were a piece of clothing, what would be and what color/pattern?
I don't think I would be a piece of clothing… I would be a dramatic necklace – with all sorts of charms and pendants that you wouldn't think would mesh well but once they are all thrown together it all makes sense.

What is something that inspires you?
I'm always finding inspiration from places around the world – their architecture, geography, culture, the different ways they experience the seasons…

This is a photo I took of Prague, one of my favorite cities. I chose this picture because it's the perfect example of finding beauty in everything around you. This is just a row of houses, but I love how the colors and architecture of the buildings work with the flowers and vines to create a beautiful image that is indicative of the unique character of the city.

Can you give us a step by step tutorial on one of the demonstrations you will be doing on Friday?
So using this beautiful Ode photo as inspiration:

I came up with this feather design:

Pick a base color (I chose a muted jade green).

You'll need a 1-2 small brushes, 1-3 coordinating nail colors for the feathers, nail polish remover and Q-tips for mistakes.

This design is very easy to do, but it requires a steady hand! I suggest painting 1-2 feathers in 1 color on each nail before moving on to a different color.

It doesn't have to be perfect, but basically you want to start by painting a curved line with your small brush. From the curved line, paint small dashes that narrow and thin out as you move upwards.

Paint 2-3 feathers on each nail in varying sizes and using the different colors you chose. Seal with a clear top coat and enjoy your awesome nails!

Check out more of My's nail designs and stop in on Arts Night Out, Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm for your chance to have your nails done!

Artist Interview

Persia Garland

October 12, 2012

Listening to Persia Garland talk about chocolate is just as delightful as tasting them. Meeting a person who has found their passion is so inspiring and we wanted to share with you her gift. Persia will offer samples of her chocolate creations as well as boxes for purchase on Friday night as apart of our "Beauty Tricks and Treats" Arts Night Out event.

Tell us about yourself:
Deeply engaged explorer of unconditional love, and raw cacao chocolatier, Persia Garland was initiated into an ancient lineage of Earthkeepers by descendants of the Inka from high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. She fell in love with feeding people high vibration raw cacao truffles 5 years ago after her culinary experiments were being reported as transformational by the people who ate them. These passionate public displays of bliss had Persia intrigued and instantly her exotic, decadent cacao elixirs were widely referenced as 'shamanic healing chocolate'.

As an energy medicine practitioner, my inclination is to infuse states of awe, divine love, and gratitude into the truffles. One of my inspirations in life and for the name of my truffles comes from the indigenous mythology of the hummingbird. Hummingbird offers us the wisdom to drink deeply from the sweetest nectar, to be in an active engagement, and to say YES to life. This way we are in a receptive awareness at our core and we realize the opportunity of grace . When you walk in beauty in your life I feel welcomed and inspired to do the same and vise versa. Transforming the world around us becomes effortless by our willingness to heal and awaken to the sweet power of the heart within us. This is why I chose an image of a hummingbird for my inspiration:

A few years ago in a dream I was visited by beings of light who gifted me a word, tz'unun, telling me that this word was a calling for the awakening heart of humanity. I woke up from the dream at 3 am and scribbled these awkward sounding syllables onto a note phonetically 'toon hun'. I had never heard this word before. Later when I decided to name my chocolates after the path of hummingbird, I did a google search for the Mayan word and to my great excitement I discovered that Tz'unun means hummingbird, the bird of heart awakening. The root of the word means one who is nourished by the sacred milk of mother Earth. The message was crystal clear and that is part of how the adventure of Tz'unun Chocolates was born.

If you were an article of clothing, what would it be and what color/pattern?
If I were an article of clothing, I would be the long, sleek, high slit, black skirt I bought this summer at Ode. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off it. The way it skillfully balanced complimenting my feminine figure with classic hourglass lines while maintaining comfort makes me feel like a woman who welcomes shining her light in the world.

What are the benefits of raw chocolate?
There are many studies reporting the superfood health benefits of organic raw chocolate known as cacao. The low heat and dairy free cacao maintains 3x-8x higher antioxidant content then standard dark chocolate. Cacao contains high superfood minerals and is particularly high in magnesium, and also maintains higher content of the bliss inducing neurotransmitters chocolate is known for without the edge or desire to over consume.

Can you give us a recipe that we can try at home?
An easy way to experiment with the culinary art of raw cacao truffles at home is to combine in a food processor:

  • 1C raw nuts or seeds, process these first until close to chunky nut butter consistency then add...
  • 1-2 Tbsp. raw coconut butter
  • 1 Tbsp unrefined sweetener OR dash of stevia
  • 3/4C your favorite chopped dried fruit and process until combined, then add...
  • 3 or 4 Tbsp raw cacao powder
  • your favorite superfood herbal extracts or spices
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Then just roll the mixture into round bite size pieces and refrigerate in a sealed container to firm up. They should be consumed fresh within a couple days.

Stop in and sample Persia's chocolates and have the opportunity to take some home. Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm.

Artist Interview

Andrea Waller

October 12, 2012

Women come into Ode all the time with amazing hair cuts, and every time we compliment their do's they say they just came from Salon 241. We thought it would be fitting to have them here for our Tricks and Treats Arts Night Out, so come check out Andrea and Katie from 6pm-8pm here at Ode.

Andrea Waller and Katie Clifford

Tell us a little about yourself and Salon 241

Andrea Waller and Katie Clifford own Salon 241, a Redken Elite Salon, located at 241 Main Street. Andrea is best known for her artistic style and flair as well as for her beautiful up styles. Katie specializes is short, funky cuts. Recently, Salon 241 was named a Salon of Distinction in the annual Salons of the Year contest by Salon Today magazine. Have a look at www.salontoday.com to see the write up.

Andrea Waller

What inspires you?
We are inspired by the clients who put themselves in our hands and trust us to create a style that is uniquely theirs. We feel lucky to have a business that puts smiles on the faces of the women and men who visit us.

Katie Clifford

If you were an article of clothing what would it be and why?
Andrea would be a pair of Black Frye boots: comfortable but edgy Katie would be a belt with a big shiny buckle: something that's fun, but reliable and supportive.

Andrea and Katie will be at Ode on Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm to demonstrate up styling techniques.