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December 2014

Featured Look

Staff Wish List: JESS

December 5, 2014

                                                           "Home for the Holidays"JESS, our native New Englander (and no stranger to the cold), made sure her Wishlist would keep her warm and cozy during both day and night during the holiday season.  For day: boyfriend jeans, a soft petal-back top, woven-wool chevron wrap, distressed leather booties, a classic cognac purse, arm warmers, and a cozy cashmere cap to top it off.

To set the holiday mood: hand-poured candles wrapped in bark to create a festive glow, and organic and locally handmade olive oil bar soap to keep skin moisturized during this dry season.

And for that holiday evening party: a silky beaded sillouette, the perfect suede pump, and stunning triangle drop earrings.  A polished leather0and-wool coat would perfect the outfit, and keep out the cold on those winter nights. 

Don't forget to come in and make your Wish List at Ode!  Make a Wish List with us and receive a $30 gift card to spend January and February of 2015!  More details on our Wish Lists here.

MUSE Series

Muse: Kate Walsh

December 3, 2014

No one has a face, bod, and spirit more made for "the selfie" than Kate Walsh. Lashes for days, hair and skin to die for, and those Mona-Lisa-meets-Angelina-Jolie lips all coalesce into one beautiful photo after another...after another. On top of that, she's got talent (a Vogue-aclaimed esthetician ), enviable edge, and Edie, the cutest dog EVER. Edie, Kate, and her celebrity-hairstylist husband, Aaron Grenia, made the trek to Western Mass and spent the day playing dress-up with Ode. Meet our Muse, Kate Walsh.

What’s your spirit animal?


5 Beauty/Skin Tips for the amateur:
Sleep, Hydrate, Exfoliate & SPF.


What inspires you?
My husband, Aaron. He's so passionate about his work, he really loves what he does. He works insanely hard and still manages to actually be a genuinely nice person. 

What’s your theme song?
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
The Future Freaks me out- Motion City Sountrack


Define beauty:
Being at peace with yourself.


If your dog Edie could talk , what celebrity would she sound like?
Sarah Silverman 

If you were to write a book, what would the title be?
"How to be grumpy and still have friends".

There are so many beautiful photographs of you. What’s your happiest photo?

                                                                    Our first family photo. 

What wins: Lashes or lips?
Lashes. Like, 100% of the time.

Most annoying beauty trend?

Favorite beauty products:
Natura Bisse Tolerance Enzyme Peel, eyelash extentions & My Turbie Twist hair towel. 


What’s your last meal?

What feeds your soul?
​Staying in bed all day watching an infinite amount of Friends episodes with Edie.  

Favorite spot in New York:
IGK Salon at the Dream Downtown, Meatpacking district NY. 

Who’s the most beautiful woman in the world?
Linda Rodin. ​Could she be more captivating?


Featured Look

Staff Wishlist: KATIE

December 2, 2014

"My First New England Winter"

Our California girl KATIE's selects include a cozy cashmere sweater, a snug hat, a solid pair of skinny jeans, a beautiful infinity scarf, and of course a little K/LLER jewelry. The look is rounded out with a Kai candle for those warm nights indoors.