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A K/LLER Guide to Gifting

December 17, 2015

The art of accessorizing via K/LLER Collection. 

Featured Look


December 15, 2015

How about this cute crop from 360 Cashmere?! We love it layered over a lightweight tee, like this one from Lacausa. We have it paired with AG's Prima skinny and ankle boots by Dolce Vita. 

Artist Interview

Jocie Adams of ARC IRIS

December 9, 2015

Imagine you are deep in the thicket of an enchanted forest. You happen upon a clearing wherefrom a majestic, golden-winged goddess with the vocal equivalent of windchimes and sunlight appears. Meet Jocie Adams, the frontwoman for Arc Iris, a band that infuses sophisticated orchestral sounds with a raw grit and sweet whimsy. We spent an afternoon with Jocie, Ray, Zach and, yes, a polar bear (one very old, inherited heirloom that deserved a little glory). Experience the magic of Arc Iris tonight, Friday 11th, from 6-8pm, at Ode. Meet Jocie: bear queen and empress of sound.

How was Arc Iris—the name, the band, the sound—born?
Arc Iris means rainbow.  Rainbows are beautiful not only because they are pretty, but because they represent the wiping away of the old and step into the new.  Sometimes the rain needs to fall, the ground needs to get muddy and sticky, and the roads need to turn into swimming pools in order to see what floats. Arc Iris floats.

Where do you feel most at home?
I feel most at home in my house in Providence. I live in a small city, but my house feels more like a cabin.  I get the feeling of quiet and aloneness and the perk of having friends and family around to give me a hug when I need one.

If you owned a bar on mars, where would it be, who would be there, and what musical guest would be performing?
It would be along the Valles Marineris (a huge canyon on mars that is 3000 kilometers long -- http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_83.html).  Who doesn't want a good view.  It's also more likely that water might resurface there, so that's a major plus.  The musical guest would probably have to be a David Bowie / Joni Mitchell duo show where their band would have to include Rick Wakeman on keys, Jon Anderson on background vocals, hand claps and bells, Sister Rosetta Tharpe on background vocals and guitar, a monkey on vibraphone, Steve Gadd on drums, and James Jamerson on bass.

What makes you laugh?
It's pretty easy to make me laugh... so I'd say it depends on the day but it could as simple as a silly face or an incongruity that is not at all funny to anyone else.

Favorite memory of snow?
I think excessive driving in snow has erased every positive memory of snow that I have ever had, though I am sure I loved it when I was little.  I like jumping in puddles when we have summer rains!  I highly suggest it.

Best thing to do in Providence in the morning? Best thing to do at night?
The best thing to do both in the morning and in the night is to EAT! Providence has excellent restaurants.  My old bandmates also spearheaded and nurtured the growth of one of my favorite venues, the Columbus Theatre. A morning walk in the spring around town is also highly recommended.  Providence is magical in the spring.

If you were a piece of clothing, what color/fabric/pattern would it be?
If I were a piece of clothing I would probably be somebodies old favorite t-shirt that they have worn a million times. The one that has holes everywhere but you still wear it even though you can't really justify it.

What's your favorite line from any song?
Whoa that is too difficult. I love lyrics. 
I defer to Zach who answers - Harry Nilsson, I'd Rather Be Dead: "I'd rather be dead than wet my bed".

If you could wake to any sound, what sound would that be?
Stereo cat purr - that's when there is a car on either side of your head and they are both purring.  There have been studies that the sound of a cat purring has many positive impacts on human health.

Pablo Neruda once wrote an ode to socks. To what surprising/unexpected thing would you compose an ode?
I guess I would write an ode to that polar bear rug! I would like imagine what he did in his past life. I would have to at least imagine that it was long, fulfilling and full of great meals.

[Chattman Photography]

Featured Look

Baby, It’s Getting Cold Outside

December 8, 2015

It's getting chilly outside and we have you covered - head to toe. Starting from the top,a cream Kordal wool and alpaca knit beanie, a classic Paige striped sweater, wrapped with a 100% alpaca knit scarf also from Kordal, a tried and true mid-rise skinny from Paige, leather Coclico ankle boots, and finished with an accessory you can keep on after you take off your scarf and hat - a beautiful long necklace by Love Heals. 

The hats and scarf from New York based line, Kordal come in different colors. Stop in and check them out!

Artist Interview

Caroline and Sébastien of ConVino Wine Bar

December 5, 2015

It's cold outside, snowing even. Your arms are full of gifts you've so thoughtfully and locally purchased for your loved ones in downtown Northampton. Your feet are tired, your throat parched, your stomach could use a little attention. Get yourself to ConVino, the new wine bar in the lower level of Thornes. It's a gem in the heart of downtown. There's a fire burning, a wine selection to impress expert imbibers, and the food pairings rival any fine dining experience in Western Mass. Not only that, but you'll get to meet Caroline McDaniel, the owner, head chef, and true artist behind this diamond in the rough (okay, Northampton isn't that rough). And you'll also meet Sébastien Piekutowski, Caroline's sidekick sommelier, who wields a sabor, a poet's trove of adjectives to describe every possible flavor of wine, and an accent that just makes everything better. We loved having them at Ode, where they graced our Tribe Wishlist Soiree with wine and history (and swords and bubbly). If you missed that, or want more of that kind of education, join the Weekly Wine Workshops on Thursday at 6pm at ConVin or just stop by for a glass of wine with a friend. Meet Caroline and Sébastien of ConVino:

If you were a bottle of wine, how would a Sommelier describe you?

Caroline: Earthy & restrained on the open, fruity & dry after a few minutes. Bosomy on the finish.
Sébastien: Atypical, lively & fresh yet shows some depth, just enough structure. Can mature more, so not ready to drink yet.

If you had in your possession the best bottle of wine…with whom would you share it and where?

Caroline: Jeff Crockett – an old (older than me) dear friend who loves food & wine and conversation.
Sébastien: A trick question this is! I say that the company is what matters most (by far!), then the context, and finally the wine. But if I already have the wine and carry it in my heart, I’d want to share it with anyone who’s interested, has a good sense of humor, a capacity to communicate and listen, and hopefully different views than mine on life to nourish our conversations. The location is not important, as long as we are comfortable, and I would never want to feel pressed by time.

When you’re not pouring, drinking, or celebrating wine, what is your favorite thing to do?

Caroline: Cooking for friends and family. Also riding horses. And renovating houses!
Sébastien: Spending time doing nothing with loved ones, reading anything (although classic authors like Marguerite Yourcenar or Gabriel Garcia Marquez deserve a little more of my attention), traveling, dancing, boxing.

What inspires you?
Caroline: Music – most kinds and flavors.
Sébastien: People who are driven by love, who understand that there is no “Us” and “Them”, whose dreams are made of laughter and health to the expense of no one.

Best flavor in the world?
: Baklava, my grandmother’s.
Sébastien: Flavors and aromas are mostly analyzed by our olfactory bulb, a part of the limbic system which, amongst other functions, supports and regulates our emotional life. Essentially, you cannot dissociate what you smell/taste from your memories and how they make you feel.  So for me, the best flavor in the world is whatever I smell in my grandmother’s kitchen. Cheesy? Oh yes. But so true.

What’s your secret talent/gift/trick?

Caroline: I am a world class ironer. Nobody irons better than me. Ask Jeff Crockett.
Sébastien: Dog whisperer and also a really, really good (uncomplexed) dancer.

You are masters of refined taste and an expert’s palette. What’s your guilty pleasure?

Caroline: Burger King Whopper – no pickles no onion.
Sébastien: No time for guilt. But I cannot stop eating pistachios if they are in front of me.

Top five adjectives that you use for food or wine that you love:

Caroline: Yummy, warm, perfectly balanced, delicious, sexy.
Sébastien: Fresh, creamy, spicy, funky, meaty. Caroline says I must add “unctuous” because I use it all the time…

What’s your go-to dance or morning song?

: Brighter than the sun – Colbie Callait
Sébastien: I Never Loved A Man – Aretha Franklin, I Get Lifted – KC & Sunshine Band

CONVINO. Tell us what that word means to you.

Caroline: It means “with wine”. Everything is better with wine.
Sébastien: Warmth. Doing what I love every day, with an awesome boss who wears her heart on her sleeve and understands me, and a team composed of brilliant misfits.