ode boutique

January 2015

Artist Interview

The Sea The Sea

January 4, 2015

Despite calling themselves The Sea The Sea, Chuck and Mira do not mirror one another. In fact, when you meet them, they seem each other's opposites. Chuck is fine-featured and almost quiet, handsome in that brooding but sweet kind of way. Then there's the goddess, Mira. If someone were to say she came from royalty, we'd believe it. She fills a room. And yet, when Chuck and Mira start to play, they make sense together. Perfect sense. Like two beautiful people on a musical seesaw, when one goes up vocally, one goes down. (Interestly, Mira often takes the lower register.) They totemically build upon one another–two faces, two voices, two beings converging into something of mythic proportions. For this interview, we asked them to do just that: build upon one another's answers...and they were game for it. They even rhymed!

Is there something you’ve wanted to write a song about but haven’t yet?
We take the backroads wherever we go,
So, maybe a song about the long way home.

Favorite holiday memory: 
Watching old family films that my grandmother found.
Standing on our heads, when the frames were upside down.

What’s do you each admire/respect/adore about the other?
Chuck has never met a stranger, he’s a beacon of brightness.
Mira filters the world through empathy and kindness.

If you were a superhero (which you both most likely already are), what’s your name and what’s your power?
The Sea The Sea is how we’re known,
Reminding people they’re not alone! 

If you could have one person’s talent for one day, whose would it be and what would you do for that day?
Joshua Bell with a swelling crescendo,
Or Banksy turning every wall to a window.

If The Sea The Sea created its own clothing line, what would be the vibe/look/color scheme:
Something bold, sold in red,
Something for feeling fancy.
Something to wear atop your head,
And something good for dancing.

What’s your resolution or wish for the New Year?
To go unafraid, to embrace what’s in store.
To be alive, every day better than before.