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July 2015

Artist Interview

Jake & Soham of Artifact Cider Project

July 10, 2015

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and we'll raise a glass to that! Artifact Cider Project, a micro-cidery located right here in Western Mass, makes hands-down the BEST hard cider. Reminiscent of Spanish "cidre" in that dry-but-sweet, crisp-with-bite kind of way, these orchard-born libations are apples to oranges next to others in the field. Founders, fermenters, and best friends Jake and Soham launched their company just a year ago, and they're dedicated to creating good, honest, craft cider from local orchards in Massachusetts. Artifact Cider will be featured at Ode on Friday, July 10th, from 6-8. Give the doctors a rest this weekend, and raise a glass with us! Jake and Soham have something to say:

A is for Apple, B is for…
Buzzworthy. Our newest cider, which has a touch of apple blossom honey from Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield.

If your cider was a woman, what would she wear?
A nice pair of wooden clogs. Or barefoot, if you find her on the farm.

How did a farmer and a scientist become best friends?
We were friends long before we were a farmer and a scientist. We grew up together. Jake’s father was our soccer coach in the fourth grade. We went to middle school and high school together; both went to college in Boston. We lived together after college in our first “grown-up” apartment.

1,000 years from now, your stomping grounds are excavated. What artifacts of yours are uncovered?We’re temporal. Here one day, gone the next. A small apple orchard is growing on the grounds. Two kids are playing in the orchard, dreaming up a crazy pipedream they’re going to do together someday.

When you’re not making cider, what are you making or doing?
Until recently, Jake was farming full-time at Brookfield Farm in Amherst. He also runs a farm-based food truck that just started up, called Wheelhouse Farm Truck. You’re most likely to find Soham in a biotech lab doing the works of a mad scientist. In addition to Artifact, he’s a product engineer at Biogen.

What kind of apple was it that Eve couldn’t resist?
The Redfield. It’s the most incredible apple. Bright red flesh. Vibrant red juice. Great acidity. It’s a true Massachusetts apple brought back to relevance by West Country Cider, right here in Colrain, MA.

(Eve, eat your heart ou.

Artist Interview

Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller of K/LLER Collection

July 9, 2015

We've had a long-standing love for K/LLER COLLECTION and co-designers Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller. If you've ever been to Ode, you'll know there's never NOT been a mannequin (or few) sporting a K/LLER piece (or few). Not only are these ladies bold, creative, fiery, and effortlessly hot, they are smart and thoughtful entrepreneurs and artists. Grand prize winners of the 2014 CFDA/Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge, they are responsible in their design, promising that "every piece of K/LLER COLLECTION is made in the U.S.A, and most pieces are handmade in Katie and Michael’s Brooklyn-based studio. The majority of the jewelry is cast of 100% recycled metal and any porcupine quills and horns used are by-products from the farming industry." Meet designer Katie deGuzman on Friday, July 10th, for our "K/LLER, CIDER, SEA" July Trifecta, where she will be showcasing the newest "evolution" of K/LLER, including some limited edition pieces. Marisa Howard of Seaworthy will be there with her wares, along with locally made Artifact Cider Project. 

Best part about summer in the city?
M: Getting to leave the city for the beach! Telling ghost stories around the backyard fire pit, drinking “summer water”(rosé) and playing croquet.
K: Summer dresses, drinking rosé outside, rooftops, Coney Island, out door movies, anything on the water.

Least best part?
M: Driving home Monday morning.
K: The hot stinking street garbage.

Where do you go for wilderness?
M: Hiking with my dog and husband.
K: New Jersey where my parents live, anywhere in California, and outside of Northampton. I Love Chesterfield Gorge!

Where do you go for refinement?
M: I love the Boom Boom Room on top of the Standard.  The interiors are so special.
K: BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music)

Best place to eat in Brooklyn?
M: Zenkichi.  It’s this amazing Japanese restaurant that looks like a maze.  The tables have little curtains to pull so the table is private.  My favorite dessert there is frozen black sesame mousse.
K: I love Roberta’s in Bushwick!

If you could create a collection for a movie…what movie, and what would the collection look like?
M&K: Can we choose a Television show? Game of Thrones (it’s basically a movie anyways) it would consist of oversized thorns, spikes, chainmail, and lots of LEATHER! (Or anything Jon Snow wants.)

Most recent adventure?
M: My husband and I went to Rome and the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  We stayed in an old monastery turned hotel on a cliff in Sorrento.  There was a staircase carved on the side of the cliff to walk down to the sea.  It was breath taking!
K: I went to a wedding in Joshua Tree, California. It is such an amazing, magical place. I’m an East Coast chick so the desert is not something that is a part of my repertoire. I find it really fascinating. Look for inspiration from this trip in our next collection. 

        Accepting the CFDA Lexus Eco-Fashion Challenge Award.                               [Photo credit: BFA]

What rule should you always break?
M&K: Over accessorizing. You can never wear too much jewelry! Pile it on.

Bravest thing you’ve ever done?
M: Move to New York.
K: Quit my last job (which was 5 years ago) that I was miserable at and 5 months later started K/LLER COLLECTION with Michael.

Do you have a secret to staying true to your aesthetic and yet continuing to make new and innovative designs? 
M: The jewelry should always be a little sexy.
K: Anything we design I always ask myself would you wear this and how would it layer with our past collections?  We call our collections evolutions, as they all evolve off each other and never stray to far in aesthetic from the last.

                               "Bird in Space" at the MET...inspiration to Katie and Michael.

Sugar or salt? 
M: Sugar AND salt, please!
K: Sugar or salt? SALT!!!

How’s Rivet? Photos, please!
Oh man, she’s the best little monster. Here’s her at our last photo shoot rocking our Scaled Choker.

Artist Interview

Marisa Howard of Seaworthy

July 7, 2015

We love every-day/every-way kind of accessories. The kind that looks just right with a white tee and a pair of jeans and just as perfect against the backdrop of a black cocktail dress. Portland (Oregon, not Maine) based Marisa Howard, designer of Seaworthy, makes just that: jewelry you can wear wherever you're going. Simple, elegant designs with enough edge and curve to make an impression. According to Marisa, "Seaworthy" is defined as "fit or safe for travel". So, start planning your next adventure and shop her collection at Ode on Friday, July 10th, 6-8pm. She will be featured alongside designer Katie deGuzman of K/ller Collection. 

If you had a boat, what would you name it?
Me Time

You have a love for the “found object”. What’s been your greatest find?
I once found a complete photo album from the 20's and 30's – it told the story of this family so vividly through photos and captions. Everything from building a house to a first car – funny candids – new babies and everything in between. 

What was your jewelry in a past life?
It was a stylish and self sufficient woman, confident beyond her years. Someone who kept busy in her workshop and with a well stocked bookshelf. A lady who was a bit adventurous and wildly thoughtful. I picture her driving a rickety model T along country roads, stopping to jump into swimming holes in her knickers. 

Top 3 things to do in Portland:
1. Eat: the list of restaurants is endless
2. Adventure: hike waterfalls, jump into rivers, bike around the city
3. Neighborhood strolls – walk around your favorite neighborhood, check out the crazy yards, eat somewhere great, get a cocktail, check out a local shop

Where to you go to take a deep breath?
Lately I've been loving Sauvie Island, it's an island on the Columbia River near Portland. We have a
secret (ish) beach that we like to get to early and take the dog for a swim. 

Here is a mood board that I created last year. I have it hanging over my design space. The color combo - the mix of fashion, art and nature - is all very soothing and inspiring to me. It’s a feeling that I hope to convey in my designs:

What’s on your summer playlist? 
Hey Mr DJ, by Zhane (circa 1994)
Iko Iko, by the Dixie Cups
Losing You, by Solange
Got to Give it Up, by Marvin Gaye

What’s in your locket? 
My husband and Notorious BIG

Each one of your pieces have a beautiful name like Avalon, Iset, Inga. Where do they come from?
For each collection I study some piece of history or nature. One collection is named after deserts all over the world. Another is named after Art Deco buildings. A couple collections are named after Egyptians gods/godesses. I've also used the genus names of moths and butterflies. It just depends on where I'm at when the collection comes together. 

You quote T.S. Eliot in your About page. (We love him too!) Any other favorite poets/quotes?
Pablo Neruda is one of my favorites. I recently revisited the poem, "In You the Earth," from his book, The Captain's Verses. I love this line: 

“My arm scarcely manages to encircle the thin new-moon line of your waist
In love you loosened yourself like sea water:
I can scarcely measure the sky's most spacious eyes
and I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth.”

Artist Interview / MUSE Series

Julie Hogan of JulieLillian

July 7, 2015

It is no surprise Julie Hogan works with crystals. She herself has a raw stone beauty about her: both natural and magical. Fire and fairydust. Her necklaces embody that same kind of exuding-from-the-core kind of beauty: crystals wrapped in leather and accented with beads and fringe. And no two are alike. She has created the perfect accoutrement for the free and spirited. Meet the crystal-in-the-rough designer, Julie Hogan.

1. If your crystals could speak, what would they say? 
They would encourage positive thinking and remind us to walk gently upon this Earth.

2. What inspired you to make jewelry? 
JulieLillian was born out of a desire to escape the mundane. My handmade jewelry and accessories are inspired by gypsy dreams and nomadic adventures.

3. If you could adorn any one person in the world with your jewelry, whom would it be and why?
Grace Potter.  I love her music and I love her style.  Grace, let's make it happen!

4. You own a time machine. To where/when do you travel? 
The 1970s.  I am a free spirit and a hippie at heart so it seems only fitting.

5. Leather or lace?
Leather and lace. A lace dress with one of my leather-bound stone necklaces is absolute perfection.  

6. What makes you smile?
Sunny days and the beautiful people in my life.

"This is a photo of my sisters and I watching the sun set over Rock Harbor.  They are two of the most beautiful and inspiring people you will ever meet." -Julie Hogan