ode boutique

June 2016

Artist Interview

FAYCE-time with Kim Rosen

June 30, 2016

Even a classic needs an update from time to time. After almost 6 years in business, we decided that our "Ode bag" needed a new outfit...and who better to design it than Kim Rosen, owner and artist behind FAYCE Textiles, intricately and organicaly rendered, hand-drawn fabrics, pillows, and wall hangings. Not only was she the LOVELIEST person in the world to work with, but she just "gets it": how to keep things simple, but interesting. Thank you, Kim, for our new bag! These limited edition Ode bags are available now! Some thoughts from Kim Rosen:

What was your experience like designing the new Ode bag? 
I loved designing the Ode bag! One of my favorite challenges of any project is to try and capture the essence of a brand through design. Because I love the aesthetic of Ode, working with the ladies of Ode was almost too easy, our visions blended perfectly. 

                                            Limited-edition Ode bag, designed by Kim Rosen!!!

What’s in your bag?
A water bottle, small sketchbook, probably 2-5 pens or pencils, hand lotion and lip balm. 

What’s your spirit shape or design? 
I would say Line is my spirit shape. Everything I do starts and ends with a drawn line or series of lines. It’s the form that just seems to naturally flow.


To what or whom would you write an ode?
Hmm.. I would write an ode to the birds for reminding me to slow down a bit, to listen and watch and just enjoy the small things that are happening all around me every day.

What do you do to create and curate home?
I often start with a mood that I’d like to capture and then try to find pieces old or new that fit that mood. I have several family heirlooms that I cherish and I try to collect artwork from people I know as much as I can. A good amount of sentiment mixed in with modern and vintage pieces is how I curate my home.

Favorite pattern in nature:
Phragmites, for their organic yet structured form. The clusters of phragmites on the side of the road or in a field are beautiful in every season. Their long, thin stems hold the weight of their big plumes that blow in the wind and remind me of warm summer days even in cold weather.