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November 2016

Artist Interview

Hand to Home: Kim Rosen & Cara Taylor

November 10, 2016

                              Ceramics by Cara Taylor  |   Embroidered leather and pillow by Kim Rosen

Art is a medium that not only provides the world with beauty, but also with hope. It speaks to that thing deep inside us (the heart, the soul, the spirit) that makes us human. From darker periods, art flourishes. Today feels like a time when we really need our artists and their art. That is why we are so excited to bring Kim Rosen of FAYCE Textiles and Cara Taylor of Taylor Ceramics into Ode on Friday, November 11th, 6-8pm. Come join us, and we'll celebrate beauty and art and the women that make that possible. From their hands to our home. Meet Cara and Kim:

                                                                   CARA TAYLOR

What makes your house a home?
The first time I walked though our tiny house the space made sense to me. Kim and I saw it when it was empty and it was easy to imagine how we would fill it to create a warm and comfortable home.  For about 10 years now the house is that home I envisioned - it is filled with the artwork of our friends, handmade goods collected from our travels as well as the colors, textures and patterns that we love. They have changed over the years as we have changed but the essence of home is the same - it is place where we cook and eat together, spend time with friends and rest - it is quiet and tucked away but right in the heart of the community we call home too.  I am beyond grateful for my sense of home each and every day. 

                                                                   Taylor Ceramics

What’s in your cup (or bowl or vase)?
My cup is filled with coffee; my bowl with soup, and my vases will hold anything that’s in season – the garden in my yard always has something to offer, most recently big, bright pink dahlias.

                                                                   Taylor Ceramics

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Every year I make a pie that is a family favorite and has been around for decades – I’ve never had anything like it or known anyone to make one that is similar.  It’s made with marshmallows and bittersweet chocolate with a graham cracker crust. I don’t want to say more because it’s kind of a secret. It doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without at least one slice.

                                      Ode/FAYCE/Taylor Ceramics collaboration, in the works!

How do you decorate or get in the mood for the holidays?
I like to bake and make gifts, go to holiday parties… I don’t do much decorating but I do like a good wreath on the door and the Yule log crackling on TV.

                                                                         KIM ROSEN         

What makes your house a home?
Our home is filled with pieces that were either made by or inherited from friends and loved ones. Being surrounded by meaningful and precious things, to me, makes our house a home. And of course, Cara is the most important part of home for me.

                                                                     FAYCE Textiles                           

What’s in your cup?
Coffee or hot water.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
Cranberry sauce and spoon bread.

                                                                     FAYCE Textiles            

Best gift you ever received or gave?
A surprise weekend getaway in the mountains with my nearest and dearest.

What inspires your designs?
I am inspired by vintage textiles, architectural details, patterns found in nature and the juxtaposition of modern and rustic and old and new.

                                                                     FAYCE Textiles            

How do you decorate or get in the mood for the holidays?
In lieu of an actual fireplace, we often put the yule log on the tv and it sets the tone immediately. I also up my cookie and candy intake quite a bit.

Any magical or memorable moments of 2016?
Everyday that I get to create pieces with the possibility that they could make someone's house a home is basically magic to me.