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Artist Interview

Jake & Soham of Artifact Cider Project

July 10, 2015

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and we'll raise a glass to that! Artifact Cider Project, a micro-cidery located right here in Western Mass, makes hands-down the BEST hard cider. Reminiscent of Spanish "cidre" in that dry-but-sweet, crisp-with-bite kind of way, these orchard-born libations are apples to oranges next to others in the field. Founders, fermenters, and best friends Jake and Soham launched their company just a year ago, and they're dedicated to creating good, honest, craft cider from local orchards in Massachusetts. Artifact Cider will be featured at Ode on Friday, July 10th, from 6-8. Give the doctors a rest this weekend, and raise a glass with us! Jake and Soham have something to say:

A is for Apple, B is for…
Buzzworthy. Our newest cider, which has a touch of apple blossom honey from Warm Colors Apiary in Deerfield.

If your cider was a woman, what would she wear?
A nice pair of wooden clogs. Or barefoot, if you find her on the farm.

How did a farmer and a scientist become best friends?
We were friends long before we were a farmer and a scientist. We grew up together. Jake’s father was our soccer coach in the fourth grade. We went to middle school and high school together; both went to college in Boston. We lived together after college in our first “grown-up” apartment.

1,000 years from now, your stomping grounds are excavated. What artifacts of yours are uncovered?We’re temporal. Here one day, gone the next. A small apple orchard is growing on the grounds. Two kids are playing in the orchard, dreaming up a crazy pipedream they’re going to do together someday.

When you’re not making cider, what are you making or doing?
Until recently, Jake was farming full-time at Brookfield Farm in Amherst. He also runs a farm-based food truck that just started up, called Wheelhouse Farm Truck. You’re most likely to find Soham in a biotech lab doing the works of a mad scientist. In addition to Artifact, he’s a product engineer at Biogen.

What kind of apple was it that Eve couldn’t resist?
The Redfield. It’s the most incredible apple. Bright red flesh. Vibrant red juice. Great acidity. It’s a true Massachusetts apple brought back to relevance by West Country Cider, right here in Colrain, MA.

(Eve, eat your heart ou.