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Artist Interview

Ish Klein

October 8, 2015

Ish Klein isn't messing around. Acclaimed poet, award-winning filmmaker, podcaster, and overall badass, Ish spans the expanses with her work. Her poems have an engine, pushing from within each line, revving, traversing great distances at great speeds. Reading her poetry is the literary equivalent of taking a long road trip, rolling down the windows onto the vast American landscape, cities and pitstops, parkind lots and mountain tops. Hear Ish, along with Arda Collins and Greg Purcell, read at Ode, on Friday, October 9th, 6-8pm.

Writer Anais Nin threw a “Come As Your Madness” party and wore a birdcage over her head. What’s inside your birdcage?
If I had a birdcage and I couldn’t get rid of it; I would endeavor to grow a plant with a creeping vine inside of it: like a pea plant or the type that are hard to kill.

What does Your Madness wear around the house? 
The same thing I do pretty much; and soon: another pair of pants. Not at the same time: but in the rotation.

Fall is here. Are you more of a sweater or a scarf? 
Now that fall is here I am a sweater and a sweater used as a scarf.

What color is the truth?
It reflects like a pool.

What fabric is beauty?
The fabric that is clean; soft and contains no allergens probably pale yellow.

Your best Halloween costume?
A surprise.

What’s your favorite line of your favorite poem?
At the moment a favorite line from a favorite poem is from Trapeta B. Mayson’s poem entitled 
First Job Advice, 1972.

Dry ya’ tears Mouna, live small here , save your own money,
send for your children, educate them properly,
so they won’t have to know the first jobs we do.

Describe your most magical moment of this past summer.
When my friends in my theater group agreed to put on the play that I wrote.

What makes you mad?
Is not knowing what’s going on and it feels like I’m stuck in the dark.

The dark: are you scared of it? 
Not afraid of it, tired of it.

How does your campfire story begin?
(Ahem) “Back then, there was a large mushroom gaining power and toxins from the shifting emotions of the people who were stressed and lived over it on the ground which also had problems with lead we didn’t know initially what to battle but we knew something was interested in our distress and this underground mushroom would come to be called —- Eversource! Yes Eversource electricity futures company (no better than Enron) and this is how I brought it down and became separated from my breast plate in the process!"