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Artist Interview

Molly Hatch

May 7, 2019

Molly Hatch is, among a myriad of things, a smile-maker. Everything she creates—from whimsical mugs, to vases with a surprise twist, to books that open into bouquets—is meant to delight and bring joy. Locally situated and nationally acclaimed, Molly Hatch is an artist whose collections of ceramics, books, totes, and gifts playfully mix the traditional and familiar with the modern and new. The result is a breadth of work from which anyone can find a personal treasure or the perfect gift. Molly will be leading a Succulent Painting Ode Workshop this Thursday, where participants will receive her new book and learn to play with plants and watercolor. (Sounds like the makings for a beautiful Mother's Day card!)

Ceramicist, painter, author, teacher: is there anything else you hope to add to that list?
Ha! That is a lot isn’t it? I am pretty happy with the list as it is…

What’s on your playlist when you work?
I often listen to Mozart piano, podcasts (any and all true crime podcasts) and on photo shoot
days we listen to Maggie Rogers Pandora station.

You are the daughter of a painter and an organic farmer. Do you have any particular cherished
memory from watching or helping them work?

I think the biggest take-away from my childhood was my work ethic. My favorite chore growing
up was weeding in the garden—there is always something so satisfying about a freshly weeded
row of plants!

What’s your go-to gift to give?
I love gifting a mug—everyone always can use a new favorite mug!

Best thing about Spring?
My favorite thing about spring is hearing the peepers on evening walks with my dog—you know
the weather is really changing and spring is about to be in full swing when the peepers are
singing at night.

What fills your cup?
Seeing my designs in use is so incredible! I love when people share how they are living with my
products, it’s amazing to get those emails and messages with photos and kind words about how
my work affects those who live with it. Warms my heart!

There’s a children’s book called Beautiful Oops, which celebrates mistakes: a smudge or tear is
transformed into something beautiful. When have you, as an artist, “messed up” and created
something great from that mistake?

All the time! It’s actually one of my favorite parts of being an artist designer. Often “happy
accidents’ lead to some of my best designs.

Current favorite color and/or pattern:
I always love cobalt blue, can’t go wrong! Liberty calicos are my favorite patterns.

What contemporary artists inspire you?
I am a big fan of Beth Lipman, a glass artist from Wisconsin, Melanie Bielenker is a jeweler in PA
whom I also admire.

Is there any place or thing you’ve seen that’s visually stunned you?
Portugal blew me away—all of the tile everywhere! It was a fantastic survey of every possibleway to live with and use tile architecturally both inside and outside.