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Artist Interview

ART BAR with Thea Price-Eckles

September 7, 2016

Thea Price-Eckles will be mixing her signature cocktails and selling her handmade home goods 
                                              Friday, September 9th, 6-8pm at Ode. 

Meet Thea Price-Eckles: woodworker, wordsmith, and mixologist. Beverage manager and creative partner at Brassica, a French/American style restaurant in Jamaica Plains, Thea is the thinker behind the "thoughtful cocktail". When she's not muddling locally sourced drinks (we hear she has quite an herb garden), she's in her workshop hand-carving homegoods or building furniture from scratch. When she has a rare spare moment, you may find Thea planning her next solo-adventure, this time to Morocco. Or she's reading Syliva Plath. Or riding a motorbike through the woods. Or teaching us a thing or two about a thing or two. You need to read this interview!


Perfect fall cocktail…how do we make it? 
Fall, my favorite season for one reason aside from boots: it just seems more appropriate to drink stirred brown drinks in Fall than it does in summer, which suits me because my palette definetely prefers spirit forward stirred drinks rather than the fruity refreshing drinks of summer. I would make an Apple Brandy Oaxacan Old Fashioned, recipe below:

1.5 oz Apple Brandy (Lairds Bonded Applejack, if you can find it)
1.5 oz Mezcal
.5 oz maple syrup
2 dashes Orange Bitters
1 dash Angostura bitters
1 dash Jerry Thomas Bitters
Fresh Orange peel

Stir all ingredients except orange peel until well chilled, and strain over a king cube or into a chilled
glass—garnish with orange peel by bending the peel to get all the oils out. Wrap a cozy scarf around your shoulders and sip slowly.

Your cat's name is Breakfast and your dog’s name is Portabella. What would  you name a pet horse? 
It is in my grand life scheme to have horses! Who knows what I'll actually name it, but right now, I'd name my horse Mirepoix. 

Describe your current style, including influences or inspirations 
(and  the names of the lipstick you’ve been donning).  
I would describe my current style as "chameleon", but I'm usually going down one of two roads. Fork in the road A: Getting things done look, incidentally inspired by Lara Croft. Boots, shorts, braided pony tail, black tank top, denim jacket, K/ller necklace, tape measure, and utility knife. Burgundy lipstick (Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics Lip Tar in Black Dahlia—yes I wear lipstick in the woodshop). Fork in the road B: I got a day off and I'm not going in the shop look, inspired by my grandmother Judy. Florals, a long prairie skirt, crop top, platforms, long necklace, bright pink lipstick (Tarte: Surfer Girl. It's amazing). 

What’s in your perfect‐picnic basket. Where and with whom do you go, and what do you wear?
Pic-nic basket: A pint of Fomu coconut ice cream, 2 spoons, a flask full of negronis. Where: Lars Anderson Park in Jamaica Plain, the best sunset observatory in Boston. Who: My partner in life, crime and business, Philip and our dog Portabella. Outfit: Hooded cashmere bodysuit. This doesn't exist yet, where can I get one?


Is art a necessity?
We don't have to declare it one for it to be, it's done that to itself. Could plants procreate without flowers? You can see necessities as art if you choose to, and I highly recommend that everyone does. 

You dabble in a lot of languages. What’s your favorite word from each of the  languages you speak.
I have a lot of favorite Arabic words, I love the sound of that language. Tu'burni is an arabic word that doesn't really have a translation in English, but it literally translates as "you bury me" and it is an expression of deep affection (the idea being that you hope you die before the person you are saying it to so you don't have to live without them). Also, Mish Mish, it means apricot, and it's a good word.  French….je ne sais pas ce que...

Give us a line from the last thing you’ve written.
"I've been trying to practice sleeping with my back to the monster. I lay on her belly up and we both rumble. She cradles me like a rock in her slingshot, my muscles rigid."


Favorite piece of clothing and the story behind it: 
A yellow and blue jacket that I bought from a fashion designer in Cairo. It's inspired by a traditional Egyptain jacket and is a beautiful yellow with blue collar and cuffs. It has a drawstring around the waist band and it's just so unique and flattering and versatile. I feel so lucky to have it. The woman I bought it from I met at a wedding, she was wearing an amazing ruffle-y silk scarf and I asked her how I could get one like it. This led to me coming to her studio to pick through her creations. I got a robe, the jacket and of course the silk scarf. All three are extremely specially to me.

What should we order at Brassica?  
Our menu changes very often with the availability of produce, but you can always come in and get a Tobacco Farm cocktail and Octopus Tagliatelle, which are my two favorite items and represent what we do very well. 


Wood, words, or wardrobe? 
A wooden wardrobe that exists only in words. 

CHATTMAN PHOTOGRAPHY    |    Hair and Makeup by Kiki    |   Styling by Kristin/Ode