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Artist Interview

Carrie Demarais of Blue Dragon Apothecary

November 12, 2015

BREATHE. It's the simplest, most basic, human thing to do. And yet, doesn't it feel like sometimes you forget to do it...to really breathe? Carrie Desmarais, an herbalist and "scent"ualist at Blue Dragon Apothecary, not only reminds one to take that breath, but she makes it an experience that you feel, taste, and smell.  In fact, she's even named one of her essential oil blends "Breathe", which every single one of us at Ode now owns. Meet...and breathe...with Carrie this Friday, November 13th, from 6-8pm. 

If you were an elixir, tincture, or bitter, what would you be made of…and why?
I make a rose glycerite elixir with brandy.  It warms you up, calms you down, and brings love and joy into your heart.  I would be that. Spreading good vibes makes me happy.

What feeds your soul?
Working with plants in any form feeds my soul.  The aromas get me.  I breathe them in and they fill me up. It's a feeling like no other, and they just keep on giving.  Taking care of them and respecting them is how I give back.


5 favorite herbs
Yarrow, Angelica, Milky Oats, Solomon's Seal and Boneset.

Do you have any mantras that help you throughout a day or week?
Everything is fine.  I walk through the world with love and ease and grace.

What’s your spirit plant?
Angelica...the tall, large hollow stem was thought to connect us to the Great Spirit.  I try to keep open communication with the Cosmos.  It is magical and represents the spirit journey we are all on, if we are open to it.


Where do you feel most at peace?
I feel most at peace in the woods where it's quite and you can really tune into the spirit of the trees, plants, birds, and wind...sun and sky, rocks and earth...I can breathe easier.

If you could have any magical power, what would it be?
I would be able to fly.  I do it in my dreams a lot and it's super fun.  Plus I'd never have to get on plane again.  I hate flying.  HA!

Where’s your favorite thing to do in Western Mass in the Fall?
Fall time is root harvest time.  I love to dig into the earth and uncover the roots.  It's a hidden part of the plant...it's like the uncovered personality

What inspires you?
My son and my avocado plant... The plant was not looking too good and my son and I were discussing the possible outcomes for this plant I had started from seed.  My boy said the roots and the heart of the plant were good and strong.  So we repotted, gave it some rescue remedy, and low and behold...stronger than ever.  The inspiration is that no matter how down and out you are... If you keep the core of who you are strong, you can always make a comeback and be better than ever.  

"The Comeback Avocado"

What’s your favorite essential oil?
Sandalwood.  I use it in my Breathe Blend, along with Rosewood and Benzoin.  It's so grounding, centering and calming.  It gives you the space to Breathe, which we all need.