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Artist Interview / MUSE Series

Julie Hogan of JulieLillian

July 7, 2015

It is no surprise Julie Hogan works with crystals. She herself has a raw stone beauty about her: both natural and magical. Fire and fairydust. Her necklaces embody that same kind of exuding-from-the-core kind of beauty: crystals wrapped in leather and accented with beads and fringe. And no two are alike. She has created the perfect accoutrement for the free and spirited. Meet the crystal-in-the-rough designer, Julie Hogan.

1. If your crystals could speak, what would they say? 
They would encourage positive thinking and remind us to walk gently upon this Earth.

2. What inspired you to make jewelry? 
JulieLillian was born out of a desire to escape the mundane. My handmade jewelry and accessories are inspired by gypsy dreams and nomadic adventures.

3. If you could adorn any one person in the world with your jewelry, whom would it be and why?
Grace Potter.  I love her music and I love her style.  Grace, let's make it happen!

4. You own a time machine. To where/when do you travel? 
The 1970s.  I am a free spirit and a hippie at heart so it seems only fitting.

5. Leather or lace?
Leather and lace. A lace dress with one of my leather-bound stone necklaces is absolute perfection.  

6. What makes you smile?
Sunny days and the beautiful people in my life.

"This is a photo of my sisters and I watching the sun set over Rock Harbor.  They are two of the most beautiful and inspiring people you will ever meet." -Julie Hogan