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Artist Interview

Laura Acerra

October 12, 2012

Laura Acerra is a free spirit. She is our go to girl for beautiful bohemian hairstyles. Laura helped create the hairstyles for our "On the Road" fashion show in September. She's a natural at what she does and we look forward to featuring her again in our "Tricks and Treats" Arts Night Out, where she will demonstrate different ways of using braids to style hair.

Tell us a little about yourself:
I am a stylist and Wella Master Colorist at Visual Changes in East Longmeadow Ma. I have been here about 8 years specializing  in coloring, hair extensions, cutting, and styling.

What is something that inspires you and why?
Of all the pictures that inspire me, I kept coming back to this one. There is something so pure and beautiful about this woman. While some pictures inspired me to change and create, this picture inspires me to stop and just embrace the naturalness of it. Smile more, worry less, and enjoy simplicity.

If you were an item of clothing what would it be and why?
If I were a piece of clothing I would be a scarf. A wide, long, soft flowing, textured scarf. I would want to be covered in earth tones or a nature pattern. I can be worn a million different ways all year long.

Can you share with us a step by step how to of what you will be demonstrating on Arts Night Out?

Easy Braid Updo How To:

  • Start with hair down. any texture is fine, even hair from the day before or leftover curls
  • Tease hair a little at the crown for height ad to avoid a flat spot
  • At the nape of the neck seperate hair in to three sections (middle and sides)
  • Braid each section. ANY kind of braid feel free to make it messy and textured or clean and simple.

 Here's where you can switch it up:

  • Roll each braid in a bun and pin, creating a low textured looking updo, or,
  • at the end of each braid hold on to where you secured the braid with one hand and a tiny section from the tail with the other hand. While holding that section of the tail push up the hand holding the rubber band. This action starts to push the braid up almost squishing it giving it movement. Once you do this to all three braids pin any way you like creating a low extra textured updo! (this method is best on hair slightly longer than shoulder length.)

Catch up with Laura at Arts Night Out Friday, October 12th from 6-8pm!