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January 2012: Wingmasters

January 13, 2012

We only had to utter the words "The Bird Lady is Back," and people literally flew to Ode despite the bitter cold. Parents, kids, "big kids," fashionistas, and fowl fanatics listened in rapt silence as Julie Anne Collier of Wingmasters once again introduced her feathered friends to us. When asked how long she has been interested in birds, Collier, not missing a beat, replied, "I've always been interested in predators." It was Julie Anne's unparalleled way with words...and her love of birds...that made for a night of fun, education, spectacle, and heart. Oh, and those raptors weren't so bad either.

Ode is donating 5% of profits to Wingmasters for the month of January.

[Chattman Photography]