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Word-Shop with Dora Malech

April 20, 2019

Word Shop, Bird Drop, Curd Shop. Dora Malech, poet/artist/teacher, prompted and (gently) prodded us to expand and explore the ways language can delight and surprise us. We wrote freely, shared with each other, and wound up with pages of raw material to cull. Here are a couple prompts from Dora. Try one out and see what happens:

- Poetry can be a place for both reverence and irreverence at the same time. Poetry can be a place to subvert or challenge expectations and priorities. We are used to praying to a god, pledging allegiance to a nation, and vowing fidelity to another person. Write a poem that prays, pledges, or vows differently. Maybe the difference is in the addressee, or maybe the difference is in the method.

- Give your reader instructions on how to do something. It can be something real or impossible, big or small. Brainstorm some titles first – “How to…” “Instructions on…” “A Recipe for…”