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So this is the moral of my odes:
Twice beautiful is beauty
And what is good is doubly good…

–Pablo Neruda

At Ode, we believe in supporting the community that supports us. Each month we will donate 5% of our in-store profits to a local organization committed to improving the Pioneer Valley and beyond. In turn, any purchase you make at Ode will directly benefit those in need.

January 2019


For the month of January, Ode will be donating 5% of profits to Wingmasters, a partnership dedicated to increasing public understanding and appreciation of North American birds of prey. 

Julie Anne Collier and Jim Parks are both licensed raptor rehabilitators based in Massachusetts. Together they care for injured birds of prey. Most of the birds they encounter can be rehabilitated and ultimately released back into the wild, but in some cases the birds have been left permanently handicapped by their injuries. 

Julie and Jim are licensed to provide a home and care for these nonreleasable raptors, and to use them for educational programs. Since 1994, Wingmasters has presented over 5000 programs at schools, libraries and museums throughout New England.

To learn more about Wingmasters, visit their website: http://www.wingmasters.net/