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So this is the moral of my odes:
Twice beautiful is beauty
And what is good is doubly good…

–Pablo Neruda

At Ode, we believe in supporting the community that supports us. Each month we will donate 5% of our in-store profits to a local organization committed to improving the Pioneer Valley and beyond. In turn, any purchase you make at Ode will directly benefit those in need.

April 2017

The Hitchcock Center for the Environment

For the month of April, Ode will be donating 5% of profits to The Hitchcock Center for the Environment, whose mission it is to foster greater awareness and understanding of our environment and to develop environmentally literate citizens.

In the fall of 2016, the Hitchcock Center for the Environment moved to its new home on Hampshire College’s campus. Designed to be net-zero energy, net-zero water, and built without toxic chemicals, this visionary new building aims to meet the highest standards of environmental excellence in the built environment: the Living Building Challenge! Visit the Center’s new Visitor’s Center or take one of their free twice-monthly public building tours.


On JUNE 8 at The Powerhouse, join The Hitchcock Center for the Environment for their second annual fundraiser: Battle of the Botanicals. Area restaurants create unique cocktail and appetizer pairings  and guests vote on the best pairing. The top three finalists face off in a mix-off mystery box challenge!